The VacCirc System removes (strips) up to 99 % of the volatile organic compounds
    (VOCs) from groundwater during each recirculation cycle.

    VacCirc eliminates the need for surface treatment and the disposal of groundwater.

    VacCirc will remove even hard to strip compounds such as 1,4 - dioxane after
    multiple re-circulation and stripping cycles. Given that each cycle strips 10% to 20%
    of 1,4 - dioxane, after 10 to 20 re-circulation cycles, 60% to 98% of the
    1,4-dioxane will be removed.

    VacCirc performs air stripping under vacuum within the recirculation zone, which
    produces higher stripping rates than the conventional air strippers.

    VacCirc may be modified to include an iSOC unit or an ozone generator, which
    increases biodegradation.

    VacCirc may be applied concurrently with chemical oxidation.