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Bays Group
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Bays Exploration and Production Group

Bays E &P Group is a subdivision of Bays Group providing  Petroleum Exploration and production geology services in North America.
We have professionals over 20 years of experience in petroleum exploration and production geology,  mud logging, reservoir geology,
basin analysis. Our geologists have experience in sand reservoirs, carbonate reservoirs, Monterey Shale, secondary recovery using
water flooding, fracing. Our services include: Second opinion review of the geological and reservoir data for investors; Performing
QA/QC review for investors; helping investors to negotiate a fair price for investment; geological evaluation of an operating field;
exploration and production geology services; geological mapping (structural, net oil, reserve calculations); wireline log evaluations
(correlation, porosity, permeability, oil/water saturation); seismic profile and seismic stratigraphy studies; rock core and petrophysical
studies, petrophysical testing (permeability, oil/water capillary pressure curve); mud log, drill stem test and production test analysis;
obtaining public data and logs from  state agencies.
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